Women gullible in online privacy photo leakage

AS some people in the public continue to be victims of Online abuse by being exposed to malicious pornography, participants of a ‘Digital Awareness’ training in Arusha, recently appealed to the government to review privacy laws and formulate new ones.

Organising the training, Kuza Steam Generation in collaboration with Center for Youth Empowerment and Leadership (CYEL), Rebecca Ryakitimbo further said that such review would minimize and eliminate circulation of nude pictures in the public.

Explaining how other collaborators including Facebook East Africa, Ubuntu Hub, Zaina Foundation and ICANN as well as Jamii Forums through the Africa Digital Rights Fund work to address that she noted that resolutions passed by the participants of college students, lawyers, and IT experts should be incorporated into a law.

Ms Ryakitimbo further said that the training was necessary to raise awareness in the public on how they should use digital platforms to protect themselves, adding that Internet is a wilderness where anything can take place.

The Coordinator said that they mostly organised the workshop to protect women from being victimized of Online abuse.

She said that despite people speaking and understanding different languages, nude pictures being posted Online are embarrassing and insult women in particular.

“Young people, especially women need to know their boundaries in the usage of Online as media platforms, because Tanzania still lacks data protection and privacy policies,” she added.

One of the participants, Upendo Mulazi a Legal Officer from Vigilance Attorneys, said that the workshop was important to protect people as individuals.

On her part, another participant, Doris Kisanga noted that young women lead in browsing and risks being trapped in the abuse. Meanwhile, Safe Sisters Digital Security Guides have translated and composed a handbook of Internet use from English into Kiswahili.

They are also currently translating the same piece available in Spanish and German to Kiswahili, adding that soon it will be ready in the market.

The training was also supported by International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa.

A BURUNDIAN refugee, Emmanuel Kwizera ...

Author: HAZLA OMAR in Arusha

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