MOI, Bible Society come to rescue of bedridden Nelison

MUHIMBILI Orthopaedic Institute (MOI) and Bible Society of Tanzania have come to the rescue of bedridden and needy child Nelison Mujuni whose predicament the ‘Daily News’ reported recently.

The child who has been suffering from hydrocephalus problem for over 12 years is in dire need of medical support.

While MOI invited the ailing Nelison for free medical treatment at the public health facility, the Bible Society facilitated his transport from Kagera to Dar es Salaam, with the ‘Daily News’ linking the boy’s family with the two institutions.

Under its Msamaria Mwema Project, which is implemented in Ngara District, the society over the weekend transported to MOI three children, including Nelison, all suffering from similar problem.

Other children are fouryear Philipo Benard and 18-month Janeth Apolinary, with their mothers, Ms Meritha Benard and Ms Harieth Apolinary, respectively.

“After we heard that MOI provides free treatments for hydrocephalus children, we immediately organised the trip in collaboration with social welfare department in the Town Council and Ngara District Disabled People’s Organisation.

However, we urge the public to continue supporting the victims because despite free treatments, they need oth-er humanity aids,” he said. The children have already undergone various tests at MOI, including CT-Scan, to identify how they can benefit with medical treatments, said MOI Nurse Officer Neema Shuma.

She clarified that the kind of medical care one will receive depends on whether the problem continues or it has stopped.

“Continuation of the problem means the victim’s head continues to enlarge, or it has stopped to enlarge but still one experiences vomiting, epilepsy-related problems and other signs of hydrocephalus.

It means everyone might have his/her own way to benefit with medical treatments, including counselling. Let us wait for the tests results, which will be out from Monday (today),” she said.

Ms Shuma said there is almost 100 per cent certainty of full recovery for hydrocephalus children who attend the hospital at early stages of the problem, insisting parents to consult health service providers immediately after detecting something wrong with their minors’ heads.

To avoid bearing hydrocephalus children, an expectant mother should timely start to attend clinic, according to Ms Shuma, adding that three months are the exact time for expectant mothers to start clinic services.

Again, one of the hydrocephalus causes being lack of folic acid minerals in human body, Ms Shuma stressed that couples should start taking the folic acid tablets three months before the mother conceives.

“Most importantly, an expectant mother must consider having balanced diet, including foods with folic acid minerals.

That is the only means we can avoid bearing children with hydrocephalus problems,” she said.

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