Of accountants who think company cash is theirs

ONE of the biggest mysteries that has consumed our people is why accountants operate like the money they are servicing is their father’s money.

I know I’m not the only one who has seriously had these questions about accountants when following up on payments. I must admit I have failed to understand why accountants, regardless of their background, operate with such a heavy hand when making payments for work done.

It would be one thing if there wasn’t proof of work done, but no, these people will have the work done and at most part, in their hands, but still dili dali about issuing payment.

The classic “please wait” that they do which will last anything between 2-4 hours is enough to make anyone have doubts on everything they hold dear.

Did I make you wait this long when I was doing your work? How come you didn’t inform me of all these additional processes when you were issuing the work? Why was there no mention of all of this waiting when you were calling me every 30 minutes asking when the work was to be delivered? Rubbish!

There was no mention of the fact that, in order for me to get paid, there was a signature required from someone who was sitting in a 3 day meeting in Dodoma when you kept calling me for the work, lady!

This was where my mind was at for most of the week when I was following up on payment.

The circles that I had to do in addition to the politeness that had to be displayed, despite feeling like I could choke someone, all the while following up what should be my right, got me in my feelings.

Why do we do this? I feel like every Tanzanian is now trying their very best to show how important they are despite their insignificant position in the food chain.

One might argue that theirs is the most important position ‘cause they deal with money but then again, they had to call on the likes of Amby and them to get work done.

So no, let us all respect each other. I concluded that there must be a secret module that accountants are taught that has them theoretically owing company money or at least inline to inherit the company from their father. This is the only explanation that makes sense at this moment.

Not looking forward to another week chasing up after my dues, sincerely, trying hard to remain polite.

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Author: Amby Lusekelo

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