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Tanzanian seized Airbus 220-300 in Joburg to fly home

Tanzanian seized Airbus 220-300 in Joburg to fly home

A South African court has ordered the release of a seized Tanzanian Airbus 220-300, after a temporary week of detention at the Johannesburg airport.

The court set aside the order to impound the aircraft and ordered further that the first respondents pays costs.

With the news unfolding, the Tanzania’s Government spokesmanHassan Abbasi said the Gauteng Court passed the verdict that the plane be released and the plaintiff pay for the law suit.

However, thanked the citizens for their patience when the matter was being resolved.

The August 24 seizure of the plane followed a court application by a retired farmer to whom the Tanzanian government is to pay
a compensation over
a land expropriation to the tune of $13 million including interest.


Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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