You and I, first arrest fuel tanker thieves to keep off disaster

IT is always said that fire is a good servant (when it serves you in cooking and so on) b ut a bad master (when it rules and burns you with your property) and hence, it req uires keenness to handle.

To keep it ‘ruling’ man, it is closed and protected in some containers (read Fuel Tankers) when it is b eing transported/distributed to some other areas where some people also want its service.

But in the process of transportation and distrib ution, some people out of ‘ ignorance and greed’ propelled by desire to mint extra coins, play with it and underrate its ‘claws.’

It is like a proverbial Lion that is drenched but its powers are still intact. If it is a practice in the pub lic that some young men especially along Mandela Expressway and Kawawa Road in Dar es Salaam Region still waylay Fuel Tankers with polythene bags or five-litre jerrycans to siphon petrol and diesel from them, as was published by the ‘Sunday News’ then, another language must be spoken to bring the culture to a halt.

It noted that these young men often go to the Oil Tankers caught in traffic jams and open their drain valves to let fuel (petrol or diesel) flow into the polythene bags, which they go and sell to their prospective customers (conniving in crime), you may ask, what is the response of the pub lic watching the crime?

What action do they (you and I) take to stop it? Bizarre as it may seem, the dangerous activity goes on sometimes b efore the eyes of the police, oil tanker drivers and other motorists without taking any action against them.

A survey conducted by the ‘Sunday News’ shows that some mean-looking men wait for the oil tankers to slow down b efore they embark on the most dangerous mission, b ut no one dares to reprimand and counsel them.

However, people, including experts, who spoke to the ‘Sunday News’ at the weekend warned that if such trend was left unchecked, Dar es Salaam would one day witness a catastrophe of an unimaginab le scale and who wants this to happen and b urn lives and taxpayers’ built projects and other property?

From an expert opinion, Energy and Water Utility Regulatory Authority (Ewura) Technical Manager (Petrol Section) Shaban Selemani warned that the possib ility of an oil tanker to explode is high in case any spark of fire reaches the opened fuel tanker’s valve (mark you these thieves are always smoking).

“ After offloading fuel, the empty tank is then filled with vapour, which is mixed with fuel, thus b ecoming even more dangerous in case it is exposed to fire. When the vapour from the tanker burns its consequences are horrendous,” he said.

This is not the forum and time to portion b lames but everyone should feel involved to discourage the culture and those found in the ‘game’ should be arrested b y you and I without waiting for a Police Officer to arrive.

IT has become virtually routine for Tanzanians to ...

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