‘Ignoring extra-curricular set back to Tanzania in Games’

LACK of extra-curricular in schools has devastating effects in Tanzanian sports performance, the Minister for Information Arts and Sports Harrison Mwakyembe noted when officially closing the Federation of East African Secondary School Sports Association games held here yesterday.

The minister also lamented poor preparations in the country’s poor performance in this year’s regional level schools games.

“It was a shame, really shame to Tanzania!” fumed the Minister blaming the teachers and organizers for paying little attention to sports in schools.

Mwakyembe’s concern was due to the fact that while countries like Kenya had fielded 750 sporting students and Uganda 950 players, Tanzania which hosted the FEASSA games only had 650 students in the field.

He breathed fire to the organizers because the country not only had flimsy representation but also performed badly in the just ended FEASSA games that took place in Arusha between the 15th and the 25th of August 2019, while Kenya and Uganda smiled all the way home with tons of medals.

“Tanzania is the largest of all countries in East Africa yet it got few medals, had fewest players in the field and lost in almost every game, this can- not be condoned,” said the Minister.

He blamed poor coordina- tion, lack of cooperation and the fact that most education institutions in the country ig- nored extra-curricular activities in schools prioritizing the fixed class works.

“Teachers should be aware that students need to play as much as they need to learn in class, failing in sports just goes to indicate that, physical education has been kicked under the rug,” he warned.

Having taken place for nearly two weeks, the Fed- eration of East African Secondary School Sports Asso- ciation (FEASSSA), games, climaxed in Arusha over the weekend. Results billed Ugandan students to be the overall 2019 FEASSSA winners having scooped 27 medals, including Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Kenya became second with a total of 27 medals but lesser points; Rwanda was third with 10 medals while Tanzania Mainland dragged into fourth position with just 5 medals.

Zanzibar which participated as separate en- tity, possibly regretted about that because the Isles came out empty handed.

Malawi, on the other hand, debuting into FEASSSA for the first time also did not get any medal. Events that featured in FEASSA games include athletics, soccer, netball, volleyball, swimming, rugby and tennis.

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Author: YASINTA AMOS in Arusha

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