Let’s now keep SADC summit’s fire burning

TANZANIA is on course in terms of investments and marketing tourist attractions across Africa and the world. The just ended 39th SADC Summit in Dar es Salaam is a case in point. It has not only marketed the country, but also made Tanzanians benefit from it.

Big hotels, suppliers and producers of various goods and services, for instance, have benefited much from this event.

The media has covered the summit so well to keep the dignities and people of SADC member states well-informed about its progress.

As it is said that ‘think globally and act locally’, what follows is for each member state to work on what has been agreed upon by implementing a plan of action.

One of the areas that featured most at the summit was a call to increase cross-border trade among SADC member states that will help create competitive economies in the region.

Tanzania has, among other things, utilised the SADC Summit to market Kiswahili Language and, thanks to God, it was announced to be one of SADC’s four official languages, others being English, French and Portuguese.

This has put the country at a competitive advantage in terms of language promotion as it will create jobs for Tanzanians to go and teach it in SADC or in other Africa Union (AU), member states interested in making it an official language and possibly one of their schools’ mediums of instruction.

Another thing, which Tanzania has done, is to utilise its ambassadors accredited to foreign missions.

They, too, will take Tanzania to another level as each of them has got an idea of what he or she is supposed to do to ensure the country gets investors in various sectors of the economy and trade or business partners.

In light of all this, we are sure Tanzania won’t be the same again as more changes are expected to happen, which will improve not only the country’s economy, but also the lives of citizens.

What each one of us can do is to play one’s part to ensure we remain the haven of peace and political stability.

We should, therefore, not allow division and political violence because we have concrete examples from Africa and across the world to show that violence breeds violence and there are countries, which have been plagued by civil strife and political violence and they are not sure when there will be peace again in their countries.

Looking at the type of investments going on in various parts of the country, it is clear that Tanzania is on the right track in social development, which will also create jobs and improve people’s lives.

“WORKERS of the world, unite! ...

Author: EDITOR

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