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Are these churches a blessing or curse to community?

LAST Sunday I had a very bad day caused by one Pentecostal group that has recently moved to my neighborhood located at Tabata Kisukuru area in Dar es Salaam.

As we were preparing to hold a tuition class for my son (Who the following Monday was having his monthly tests), church members of this group started gathering.

This religious group started dancing and saying their prayers loudly, and automatically we could not continue with what we had planned to do that particular evening.

These believers started polluting air, as they started shouting as if they were possessed, while the music was also played full blast. In short, it was total chaos.

Having taken time to observe what was going around, my son Max asked me some questions which I could not respond coherently to satisfy his curiosity. He then asked me the following questions.

Do these people worship the same God as ourselves? If yes, why do they have to shout so loud to make their God understand them? Is their God deaf? Why do they use loud speakers? Do they understand that we don’t want disturbance?

Do they understand that music disturbs us? Where I could, I tried to answer his questions.

That day, the shouting disturbed a visiting sick relative who was in my house, and later we had to take her to hospital after her blood pressure destabilized due to those strong sound effects.

I wonder whether leaders of Pentecostal Churches in this country, which usually cause noise pollution, are aware of the laws which bar them from making such inconveniences. Let me remind them.

The law says that making any loud, unnecessary noises which annoy, disturb, injure or endanger the comfort, health or safety of anyone or the environment in Tanzania is now punishable by two years in prison, a 12m/-fine, or both.

This regulation issued by the National Environment Management Council (NEMC), targets primarily night time noise from bars, venues, vehicles and houses of worship.

But also provide new standards for acceptable noise levels from construction sites, factories, vehicles and other commercial activities.

The mushrooming of new churches in Tanzania today has become a concern to some public members and ordinary citizens alike.

Some people doubt the relevance of some churches established in the country today due to their motives which at times sound anti- Christian.

Even though they are legally registered, there must be a limit of time to attend their service just like the way Catholics, Anglicans and Lutherans usually do.

I think we have reached a point to bar people from calling themselves prophets, because such people only existed before Christ, and there were criterion of calling a person a prophet.

We have also reached a point where we should declare that pastors should acquire some training and attain qualifications, just like the Catholics, Anglicans and Lutherans do. Can the Ministry of Home Affairs declare that churches should only operate during the day and if there is a need for a night gathering, then a special permission is needed?

If I had powers, I would not allow indoor churches and those established to take demon out of people or giving miracles. In our society today, we have people who don’t talk with their fellow family members, simply because they have demons.

Some run away from their families and go and stay with the so called pastors/prophets, and still they are used by them indirectly.

I really don’t understand why we really see nothing wrong with some of the churches, or we just decide to ignore because of democracy and human rights.

It is true that in our society today we have some misleading churches which destroy and manipulate women and young generation. It is not people’s choices when they are mentally abused.

I am confident that one way of fighting poverty in this country is finding a way to bring some of these misleading churches’ practice to the end. All churches should be monitored as well because some are seen as quick mechanisms to make money as there’s no tax returns paid.

Some pastors run these churches like businesses, and speed points have been introduced in some of them, while some are not even following the examples of Jesus Christ when it comes to the Word of God.

How can a pastor ask to pray for someone’s money in secrecy, without the knowledge of the family! Strange.

Some people today call themselves pastors, even if they have studied something about bible or Christianity. I think we should say enough is enough to these fake snakes who are sucking our poor people in the name of Jesus

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