Stray buffalo sends Mpanda villagers run helter-skelter

PANDEMONIUM broke out recently at Kilimahewa Street, Shanwe Ward in Mpanda Municipality, Katavi Region, when a Buffalo strayed into people’s residents, where they initially mistook it to be a fully grown hybrid bull.

When they realised that it was a buffalo, they stopped glancing at it only to run helter-skelter for their lives. Some ran into houses, which happened to have been opened and surprised their owners panting and ordering that they close the door.

The growing noise and wields forced the animal to discharge at some and trampled on those who could not run fast enough.

In narration, Shanwe Street Chairman, Christopher Masumo told the “Daily News” the incident was the first in the area; However, no one was killed or injured.

According to horrified, Sarafina Fikirini a Standard Six pupil at Shanwe Primary School: “On that morning I was on my way to school accompanied by my schoolmates and all of a sudden, spotted a huge cow a few meters ahead.

But its size made my friends to fear and started to wail and run.” She said that they had to run and seek refuge in nearby houses.

On her side, another Shanwe Street resident, Ms Neema Noel said that she got surprised when a group of people panting forced their way into their house and compelled her to close the door. “Suddenly I saw the huge animal which at first I thought was a hybrid cow.

I was told that it then started to charge and run towards the people, which made my whole body to shiver,” she added.

Another resident, Ms Lina Philemon said that on the day she was surprised to see many people running and waling, when a neighbor moments later confided to her that a buffalo mistaken as a big hybrid cow was behind the cause of the chaos. “Inquisitively I accompanied him and I was amazed to see the big animal, which at a glance we thought was a cow, but neighbours shouted and cautioned that it was dangerous and charging at people,” she said. However, for Mr Sisti Andrew after seeing the animal threatening their lives, he alerted the Game Rangers from the Department of Natural Resources in Mpanda District Council, who came and killed it. “When the villagers heard that it was killed, they came back armed with all sorts of machetes, and knives to help themselves with its beef,” he pointed out.

WITH only one day to go before tomorrow's ...

Author: PETI SIYAME in Mpanda

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