Councillors furious with Auditor’s ‘frog remark’ to them

NKASI District Council Councilors are up in arms with their District Internal Auditor, Joseph Sengerema for making rude remarks at them and comparing them with frogs. In the war of words, Mr Sengerema allegedly compared the councilors with frogs, which make noise and calm down slowly whenever they face a stranger (read a challenge) at their Council Management Team (CMT), meeting held at Namanyere Township in Nkasi.

In the course, the aggrieved councilors angrily reacted and resolved not to continue working with him, and instead urged him to shift to another place, where he would belittle leaders.

The first to react was Peter Kasawanga who said that at their meeting attended by 28 Ward leaders to assess internal reports.

It was unfortunate that Mr Sengerama had failed to supervise and account for their finances, which were registering about 20 percent loss to the local governments.

“He failed to allocate 40 percent of the funds for development, and 10 percent for women, youth and People Living with Disability (PLWD),” he added.

The Councilor said: “It is disheartening that Sengerama has failed us , worse still has he compared us with noisy flogs and this is unbearable indeed and in brief we don’t want him “ added Mr Kasawanga.

Similar sentiments were echoed by majority of thr councilors, where Kirando Councilor, Seba Kakuli said: “Sengerema rude remark for two hours belittled us…we, as councilors are not all that weak as he (Sengerema ) thinks... truly we are ready to work with any an Internal Auditor like him.”

Another Councilor, Asante Lubisha said: “ I call upon Sengerema to quit our council , and actually we should kick him out as soon as possible .”

In a related development, they asked the government to investigate his wealth, and extent the probe to Council District Treasurer, Laurent Mnyolo and other Accountants from Council Finance Department, because they live lager than their incomes.

They hinted that the suspects collect local revenue and turn for their personal use. When called to present government statement, the Nkasi District Administrative Secretary (DAS), Cosmas Kuyela ran into another battle with the councilors, as he tried to defend Mr Sengerema’s remark.

“You (DAS) stop treating us like children we have already decided that we will never work with Sengerema” shouted one of them from the background.

WITH only one day to go before tomorrow's ...

Author: DAILY NEWS reporter in Nkasi

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