It’s tough mission, fight to win CAF level duels

EXTRA use of skills, extra commitment and shrewd planning must be applied if our six envoys engaged in CAF sanctioned tournaments want to advance in their both home and away games this weekend.

We are forced to insist on the aspects as none of them has an assurance for the next stage with four of them having been forced to draw and two of them losing their matches.

Zanzibar’s KMKM and Azam are placed in a volatile situation after losing their first leg matches at home and away respectively, while two others; Young Africans and Malindi drew their matches.

At least Simba who drew away in Mozambique with UD Songo and KMC who also drew away in Rwanda with host AS Kigali are better positioned, but that doesn’t assure them a passage to the next round.

Two things are likely to work for Young Africans, but only if they fire on all their cylinders and stop any leakage in their defence; One, the pressure to win would be on their opponents and because of that, they would open up in order to kill the game and that could easily play into Young Africans’ hands.

Although the Mozambicans in Dar es Salaam may also have the same advantage against Simba, but the difference between the Mozambican Club and Simba is that the latter is more experienced and has always proved a difficult nut to crack, especially at home.

We insist our team to work hard and win since it pays well the country, the clubs and players who are engaged in the tough mission since we have honoured to have six teams teams compared to our neighbours; Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Uganda, hence it would be a major tragedy if we fail to get half of the teams through to the next round.

But to achieve that we urge them to work to work extremely hard to go through the next round given the kind of opponents they have who are certainly no pushovers.

The importance of working hard on one’s pace lie in the fact that the standard of soccer in Africa is more or less the same from the south to the north and from the west to the east.

Any team that is capable of playing at a very high pace for more than the regulation time is capable of winning matches both at home and away from home.

While we insist of commitment, appropriate use of skills and fighting spirit as vital tools to success, we wish all six of them best luck.

“WORKERS of the world, unite! ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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