Govt now to bank on local contractors in water projects

DEPUTY Water Minister Jumaa Aweso has said the government is determined to use local contractors to implement water projects after great achievements in previous water projects implemented by local experts.

According to a press statement issued yesterday by the Water Ministry’s Communication Unit, the government has made such decision after a number of water projects implemented by local contractors to ensure value for money.

“We are now satisfied with great construction works implemented by local contractors as they are completed on time,” said the deputy minister during his tour of Siha District in Kilimanjaro Region.

He pointed out some of the successful water projects implemented by local contractors in Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Kigoma, Mbeya and in the Lake Zone.

Mr Aweso noted that the government had for a long time experienced challenges from consultant engineers, who teamed up with unscrupulous contractors, to commit economic sabotage in public projects.

“After discovering the problem, the government decided to use local experts working with water authorities to implement the projects,” he said.

Meanwhile, the deputy minister directed the arrest of a contractor from Mbeso Construction Limited for delaying the implementation of Munge and Tella Mande water projects in Siha District.

Mr Aweso expressed dissatisfaction with slow progress of the Munge Water Project, which has only one month to go, according to the agreement.

Reports suggest that the contractor, who had received 100 per cent of payments from the government, has only implemented the project by 25 per cent so far.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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