Uphold friendly law s to support w omen in trade, Samia urges public

ICE-PRESIDENT, Samia Suluhu Hassan has called for friendly policies and laws, which support women in entrepreneurship to be respected because they help the country in its development strategies.

Speaking at a workshop organised by UN Women themed ‘Women, Business and Law’ in Dar es Salaam, yesterday she further said that absence of enabling policy and legal framework limit women’s access to capital and credit facilities and hence, fuel poverty in their midst.

Reading a speech on her behalf by the Minister for Industry and Trade Minister Innocent Bashungwa, she said that development stakeholders have a duty to provide evidence on how laws and regulations affect women entrepreneurship.

She further said that they equally need to show how their employment is ensured by the policymakers and recognize their workforce.

She said women’s economic empowerment is both a force to reckon with in investment and economics worldwide with several studies indicating that there is a strong correlation between economically best performing countries and high standards of living as a result of presence of women in the workforce.

“It remains ever true that the best way to measure a country’s progress is to look at the status of its women more than its Gross Domestic Product,” she further said.

In Tanzania for instance, women are the main contributors to the economy and at household livelihoods levels, especially in agriculture and food production sectors.

It was further said that, women constitute 50.5percent of the 22 million labor force in Tanzania and 49 percent of 20 million employed people.

“Despite women forming a significant proportion of the workforce, they still face challenges cited as absence of enabling policies and legal framework to access capital and credit facilities,” pointed out the V P.

Commenting, the UN Women Representative, Ms Hodan Addou said that research shows that once discriminatory laws would be eliminated, women will be on the right track achieve 2030 Sustainable Development agenda goals.

“Gender equality is not only a basic human right but has vast socio- economic benefits to countries and to communities.

Empowered women lead to more gender balanced workplaces, fewer incidences of gender-based violence, and thriving economies,” she said.

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