Minister suspends two water user associations

KILEMA South and Kirua Kahe water user associations have until the end of this month to relinquish operations of water projects to Moshi Urban Water and Sanitation Authority (Muwsa).

Water Deputy Minister Jumaa Aweso on Tuesday directed the two associations to hand over such operations to Muwsa.

“The government issued a similar directive in March this year, but it hasn’t been implemented.

I, therefore, direct the two associations to hand over such operations to Muwsa by August 31, this year,” directed the deputy during the launch of Mwika South water project at Maweni Primary School.

While Kilema South Water User Association runs Njia Panda Project, their counterparts manage the Makuyuni and Sango projects, which are both implemented in Moshi District Council.

The deputy minister’s directive followed the two associations’ failure to honour their obligations. Mr Aweso further directed the Kilimanjaro regional administrative secretary to have the two associations’ accounts audited to find out whether there was any misuse of public funds.

“We can’t tolerate this way of doing things, when residents continue experiencing water shortages,” said the deputy minister.

He noted that Muwsa was a government institution working under the government’s directives, further urging the residents to ignore reports that Muwsa was a private entity.

Water user associations normally comprise at least six water licensees, each with their own licences to create and maintain a system to store and supply water to their respective places of use.

Meanwhile, Mr Aweso commended Muwsa for implementing water projects outside its geographical boundaries, including outside Kilimanjaro Region.

Muwsa is implementing three projects in the area.

Muwsa is a government agency responsible for offering water and sewerage services to Moshi Municipal Council, which has a population of about 184,292 people.

Like most urban water and sanitation authorities in the country, Muwsa is an outcome of the implementation of the National Water Policy of 1991, which promulgates a flexible, autonomous and self-financing water supply and sewerage regime.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Moshi

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