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Yanga opt to go digital, owning aircraft possible?

YOUNG Africans are aiming high in their modernization bid, coming up with an electronic database so as to monitor and control their members from time to time.

Mshindo Msolla the club chairman, said here that his leadership was out to establish the exact number of members as they go forth with their campaign to have members contributing financially to the club for their team.

Msolla, who was recently elected the club boss after Yanga went a stint without proper leadership, said that after putting the house in order, they could engage in other businesses.

He was reacting to a plea by the team’s Kaloleni Branch here that members should contribute so that an aircraft is bought for the club.

He said that Yanga are well equipped to control fake club kits, calling upon all members and fans to buy only those with GSM logo as they are genuine and by so doing the club will benefit financially.

Msolla said the idea to buy an airplane is good and it is possible but Yanga should first put in place an effective and sustainable system.

The idea was floated by Kaloleni Branch Chairman, Marcel Buturo before Msolla launched the branch.

Buturo was of the view that if every Yanga member contributes 2,000/-daily for a calculated number of days they could own an aircraft and reduce unnecessary costs and inconveniences to players when travelling.

Buturo said he saw no reason for players to live in poverty while there are wealthy members across the country.

He said Kaloleni Branch was optimistic that Msola’s leadership would emancipate the club and make it operate like great ones in Europe.

He said the branch has more than 70 members who are involved in different contributions to the club.

Adding that in the near future it will foot costs to sign some players for the biggest historic and most successful football club in Tanzanian history with a total of 27 league titles.

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Author: From DEUS NGOWI in Arusha

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