Dairy sector players seek better outlook

DAIRY industry stakeholders have argued that implementation of a blueprint will address general and cross-cutting issues pertaining to business licensing, contract enforcement and standards and fees will boost production.

Currently, Tanzania produces 2.4 billion litres of milk annually, but only three per cent are being processed.

At a dialogue facilitated by Netherland Development Organisation (SNV) under the Transforming Agricultural Markets (TAM) Project Dar es Salaam early this week, a dairy consultant, Prof Lusato Kurwijila, said an unfavourable regulatory environment is “partly responsible for the dismal performance of the sector.

The specialist is optimistic that implementation of a blueprint, including sustainable funding mechanisms for regulatory agencies and local government, will boost the sector.

He singled out Canada which initially had five Acts regulating the diary industry were trimmed to only two; Safe Food for Canadians Act 2012 and Red Tape Reduction Act 2015, a step that boosted the performance of sector.

He recommended the demonetisation of the regulatory framework to reduce number, cost of fees payable to government agencies except for the provision of services that are not “regulatory in nature.” “…Make it easy to register business and taxes using single window payment systems through e-government system,” the retired Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) scholar noted.

He attributed the benefit of the blueprint to the diary sector to easing the business environment and attraction of more investors in the struggling sector.

In the long term, Prof recommended, “The food law should provide for ISO/HACCP based registration and certification of enterprises rather than individual or batch registration and certifications of dairy (food) items for the domestic and export market based on regional EAC standards.”

Meanwhile, Tanzania Milk Processors Association (TAMPA) representative, Yohana Kubini recommended the harmonisation of some regulatory authorities’ roles that affected dairy sector calling for more measures as per blueprint’s suggestion.

The Tanzania Dairy Board (TDB) acting registrar Sophia Mlote said her institution and TBS are working together to address multiplicity and overlaps, including inspection.

She reminded stakeholders to adhere to laws and regulations governing the sector since experience showed that some processors were bending them for their own interests.

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