Complaints raised against inept staff

SOME staff of Hanang District Hospital (Tumaini), have been accused of underperformance and negative attitudes.

Some workers are reportedly not at work when needed, and some are accused of using foul language to patients.

Chairman of Hanang District Council Committee for economic development and environment, Assani Hilbagroy, said the workers had become the main problem at the hospital instead of offering solutions to clients.

Mr Hilbagroy said that instead of fulfilling their obligations, they focused their attention to other issues for their own benefit.

He remarked: “These servants have become a nuisance; how come a worker who is on duty just decides to leave the place of work before working hours are over?

If there is a patient requiring emergency attention, such staff are fetched by a vehicle. For how long will this business go on? Why don’t they stay at the work place and fulfill their duties properly?”

Furthermore, he pointed out some of the workers have cultivated the habit of switching off their mobile phones during working hours, in order to avoid being traced when they are needed to offer services.

A Hanang resident, Mr John Gabriel, complained of foul language used by some hospital workers, saying that instead of responding to patients’ enquiries politely, they rebuked them. He also alleged that some of them offered services only to people they knew, such as relatives and friends.

The Council Chairman, Mr George Bajuta, directed Tumaini Hospital Doctor in-Charge, Dr Boniface Manditi, to take note of the complaints and take immediate remedial measures.

He also urged him to him to make regular impromptu visits to every section of the facility.

WITH only one day to go before tomorrow's ...

Author: MARIAM JUMA in Hanang

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