RC throws weight behind NMB efforts to serve society

THE government will keep on cooperating with NMB bank in the latter’s efforts to improve services in communities and raise the nationals’ economy.

Mbeya Regional Commissioner (RC) Albert Chalamila said yesterday while presiding over at a two day ‘Nyumba Day Expo’ organised by the lender to create public awareness on the their mortgaging finance.

“We have been seeing NMB bank raising people’s economy, and we ask that your strategies are implemented always so that many citizens enjoy from your loans’ offers,” he added.

However, Mr Chalamila asked the bank to focus majorly on educating petty traders and small scale entrepreneurs on the loans’ expenditures to enable them grow and become future lenders.

“I would be happy to see the businesses of these hawkers and other petty traders expanding and growing so that they reach a stage, where they can also lend others,” added the RC.

In a related development, Mr Chalamila appealed to the bank to minimise their loan prerequisites including interest charges, especially their clients who remit all their debts in or on time.

In response, NMB bank Senior Manager Retail Assets, Ally Ngingite said that the Nyumba Day Expo was aimed at educating the public to come and process loans to build houses.

NMB Central Bank Zone Manager, Straton Chilongola, asked the public to turn out en masse as customers to exploit the opportunity and acquire loans to build houses.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Mbeya

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