Madagascar calls on Africa to promote development

THE President of the Republic of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina, has called upon fellow Heads of State in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), to capitalize on quantifiable and measurable actions expected to reap concrete results for their plans.

President Rajoelina made the call yesterday at the opening session of the 39th Ordinary SADC Summit of the Heads of State and Government held at the Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC), in Dar es Salaam, yesterday.

"We are counting on SADC to act on the economic development of the region, and we would like SADC to be fully committed to its objectives and also act as a beneficial instrument which promotes African emergencies," he said.

According to him, the reason the 16 countries have met was because they all shared common ambitions for the region.

"Madagascar is more than determined to reach that objective; I might be the youngest Head of State among those present here today, but patriotism and the way to act does not take into account the age of a person, and this can be demonstrated from the way I speak and my actions," noted the Madagascan leader.

He further observed that the only way African development will be fast, coherent and sustainable is through the protection of the member states interest and resources in implementing inter-regional trade and industrialization agenda.

He said this is going to be achieved through a continental free trade area that is currently on top of the agenda, to make easier exchanges and partnerships within the region and the continent.

In other areas like soccer, he said Africa needs to work together to become one emerging bloc in order to achieve inclusive and sustainable economic growth by promoting regional trade to master the players at international level.

"The theme of the summit is a commitment to the countries to transform economies and improve competitiveness within the region. "Madagascar is committed to up take the agenda of industrialization and promotion of trade in the region in order to adhere to a more prosperous Africa by contributing to the activities that are promoting inter-regional trade" he said.

He added that through promotion of entrepreneurship and industrial development, diversification of products will help job creation and increase the volume of the country's trade to better penetrate the African market.

He said that this will be possible through support by fellow member states, and called upon the private sector to take its place in the integration.

This year’s summit is historic moment for Comoro, which is participating in the summit for the first time since joining in August last year. "We are very proud to belong to this regional organization which is a model of regional integration as well as community development in the world.

"Regional integration within the African Union (AU), as well as corporation within the SADC is not only important milestones and a very good shining example of cooperation which is fruitful," said President Azali Assoumani of Comoro.

He said by Comoros joining the SADC will enrich development, because it is an important step that will give direction for the country in terms of its development and the SADC as a whole.

President Assoumani said the country's fragile and vulnerable position in terms of climatic change requires attention so as to be in a position to occupy its space in the region and dynamic revolution of industrial development.

Mozambique and the Comoros were hit by cyclone Kenneth which caused a lot of damage to property as well as loss of human lives, where the country is still recovering.

The Comoros president expressed his condolences to the country for the death of over 90 people who were killed when a fuel tanker exploded last week in Morogoro.

He wished a quick recovery to those who are a still recuperating from the tragic accident, noting that Comoro was dismayed over the news of the tragic incident. On climate change, he noted that the impact is still a very big challenge in the region and Africa as a whole.

He said that the impact of the devastating Cyclone Kenneth which hit Mozambique and Comoros caused major damage in the two countries.

"In Comoros, all the sectors were affected, particularly infrastructure, that is why the government decided to use half of its budget for the financial year 2018/19 for the reconstruction of the country.

THE Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa, is expected to ...


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