‘SADC summit eye opener to local travel’

TANZANIA Society of Travel Agents (TASOTA) is focused to improve customer service amongst Southern African Development Community members to contribute in boosting tourism and intraregional trade.

TASOTA Chairman Mr Moustafa Khataw told the ‘Daily news’ yesterday that their role is to encourage their members to garner more support and some also participated in the SADC industrialisation week exhibition which will result in more exposure in the region. “It’s very exciting time for Tanzania to host this august summit.

We believe it will give impetus to all the delegates to know more about Tanzania and its attractions. We believe regional tourism will get a boost,” Mr Khataw said.

He said that under the theme “Competitive Business Environment for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development” travel agents have to make sure their services are improved and benefits many people to achieve the industrialization agenda.

According to him the mission of TASOTA is to advance and protect members’ interests while promoting the highest code of Integrity, Ethical and Professional Standards.”

We believe that empowering our members by offering excellent customer service to its clients who include tourists, will boost our service delivery and make Tanzania destination of choice.

Tanzania Society of Travel Agents (TASOTA) was registered in October, 1980. It has been formed with sole intention to be the impartial voice of Travel Agents in Tanzania.

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Author: Fatma Abdu

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