Pastoralists told to destock, move to ranches

PRIME Minister (PM), Kassim Majaliwa has urged pastoralists in Kagera Region with a huge number of cattle to shift into ranches so as to improve quality of their livestock.

Launching Kagera Investment Forum in Bukoba Municipality yesterday, he said pastoralists wander long distances in search of good pastures which leads to low quality of their animals products.

“Some have been wandering from Kagera to Kigoma in search of pastures.

In this situation, pastoralists are forced to stump their cattle everywhere as symbols and that affects q uality of the skins.

The only allowed symbol is that one to be stumped on cattle’s ears” he said.

He reiterated that long walk for cattle has been leading in to stiffness of the meat, hence, lose the taste for final consumers and quality for other livestock products.

Apart from quality lose, accommodating a huge number of livestock has been the main source of land conflicts between pastoralists and farmers, said the PM.

The PM stressed on the shift of livestock to ranches, saying that if one has few cattle which do not allow him to own the block in a certain ranch, then two or more people should share the block.

He invited pastoralists from neighbouring countries in Tanzanian ranches, saying some cattle that have been found loitering in various parts of the country were from those neighbouring countries.

He affirmed that the relevant authorities will be visiting all blocks in the ranches for provision of health services to cattle, plus consultations to pastoralists on how best to have qua lity livestock products.

Mr Majaliwa asked all pastoralists in the region to have been consulting livestock experts in the national ranching company (NARCO), saying proper treatment of the cattle will also serve in to attracting investors in to livestock sector.

He at the same time called up on investors in to livestock product processing, saying the government has been in various ways doing whatever possible to set conducive environments for investments.

Kagera Investment Forum, which has organized by the regional office is to take from 12th to 17th, with the aim of promoting all trade and investment opportunities available in the region.

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