Moshi farmers get 83m/- final payment from coffee sales

COFFEE farmers under Agricultural and Marketing Cooperative Societies (AMCOS) in Kilimanjaro Region have received final payment of 83.2m/- after selling 76.380 tonnes of coffee collected during the 2018/19 coffee season.

The farmers who sold Grade AA & AB coffee had initially received a total of Tshs 5,837.60 per kilogrammes of clean coffee meaning with the final payment rated at 1,09 0/- per kilogramme they will receive 6,9 72.60/- per kilogrammes of coffee.

They sold their coffee to a certain company in Japan known as Zensho Trading Company through Direct Coffee Export organized and facilitated by the Kilimanjaro New Cooperative Initiative Joint Venture Enterprises Limited abbreviated as G32KNCI-JVE Limited.

This was revealed by the Manager of G32KNCI-JVE Mr Gabriel Ulomi in an interview with the `Daily News’.

“ We first gave these farmers an initial payment of Tshs 5,837.60 per kilogrammes and as for now we have paid them a total of 1,090.00 per kilogramme, “ he said adding that when this figure is multiplied by the 76, 380 kilogrammes of Grade AA& AB collected during the 2018/19 coffee season these farmers have received a total of 83.2m/- He said coffee farmers from 22 AMCOS benefited from Direct Coffee Export to Zensho Trading Company in Japan.

The AMCOS are Uswaa Mamba which sold 11,29 2.4 kilogrammes and received 12.3m/- , Uduru Makoa 2,277.62 kilogrammes- 2.48m/- and Kimochi 165.04 kilogrammes- Tshs 179 ,89 3.60.

Others are Narumu 3,604.81 kilogrammes- 3.9 29 m/- , Marukoni 556.94 kilogrammes- 607,064.60 and Kimasio 3,922.9 4 kilogrammes Tshs 4.2m/-.

THE Tanzanian business community will benefit from the ...


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