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TPDC targets SADC gas marketTPDC targets SADC gas market

DETERMINED to support industrial development in the country and some Southern African Development Community (SADC) member states, Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) envisages supplying gas to four countries.

So far, 60 per cent of electricity in the country is generated from gas, with other sources contributing 40 per cent. TPDC plays an instrumental role in the energy mix as per SADC industrialisation vision.

TPDC Managing Director Dr James Mataragio said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the company has already devised plans to supply gas to Malawi and Zambia, hinting that the company also plans to supply gas to Kenya through Tanga region, direct to Mombasa.

Dr Mataragio was speaking on the position of TPDC in industrial development in the country and plans to supply gas to neighbouring countries,including SADC member states, during the fourth SADC industrialisation week, which is taking place in the city.

He added that the compa- ny also seeks to supply gas to Uganda through the pipeline, which will be built along the oil pipe from Tanga to Hoima in Uganda. “We are looking forward to supply gas to Malawi and Zambia, we have the capacity and ability to do so,” he said, adding:

“Our future plans are to reach more countries, it will be easier for us to supply gas to Rwanda and Burundi after we have covered Uganda.” He said the company is also looking forward to supply gas to Kenya and Uganda.

“We are positioned as a natural gas hub, therefore our aim is to utilise the opportunity effectively for the betterment of our country and the region at large,” he said.

According to Dr Mataragio, TPDC plays a critical role in supporting industrialisation policy in Tanzania and among SADC members. “Energy is essential for any business op- eration, there could be no establishment of industries without reliable supply of energy and as of now, 60 per cent of electricity in Tanzania is generated from gas,” he noted.

He added: “We supply gas to factories, hotels, households and cars.” On gaspowered vehicles, Dr Mataragio said the company has already invited eligible companies to establish gas refilling stations. “So far, we have only one station but we are looking forward to construct other two in this fiscal year,” he noted.

He encouraged the public to convert their petrol or diesel- fueled vehicles to natural gas to save cost and reduce carbon emissions.

It has been explained that natural gas is cheaper than petroleum products and can significantly reduce operating costs for the modern public transport project.

He said that so far over 200 Uber taxis use gas. TPDC is the national oil company of Tanzania through which the energy and minerals sector implements its petroleum exploration and development policies.

TPDC was established through the Government No- tice No.140 of 3 0th May 1969 under the Public Corporations Act No.17 of 1969. The Corporation began operations in 1973 .

 TPDC is a wholly owned government parastatal, with all its shares under the Treasurer Registrar.

On Monday, President John Magufuli launched SADC in- dustrialisation week ahead of the SADC summit, which is scheduled for August 17 and 18, this year.

This is the fourth SADC industrialisation week and it is running under the theme; A Conducive Environment for In- clusive and Sustainable Indus- trial Development, Increased Intraregional Trade and Job Creation.

THE government has emphatically ...


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