EPZA counsels investors on agro processing industries

EXPORT and Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) is appealing to local and foreign investors to grab the immense and untapped potentials in the agriculture sector by investing in agro processing industries through the Special Economic Zones and Economic Processing Zones that guarantee high market value for the goods in both domestic and global markets.

The EPZA Director General (Colonel rtd) Joseph Simbakalia said at the ongoing Nanenane exhibitions in Simiyu Region that there is still huge potential in the agriculture sector for investors to capitalise and establish more agro processing industries.

“There are immense benefits that local and foreign investors can enjoy by establishing agro processing industries through the SEZ and EPZ areas,” he said.

He said through the annual farmers exhibition event, EPZA is sensitizing investors to grab the immense opportunities in agriculture sector by establishing more industries.

The initiative will support the government in its endeavour to build robust industrial economy as a way to reach middle income economy in 2025.

The EPZA Investment Promotion Officer, Ms Grace Lemunge, said the authority was taking part in the second farmers’ annual edition in Simiyu.

She said the Nanenane fair has been offering opportunity to providing information to investors and other stakeholders seeking on how to invest through the EPZ and SEZ.

“EPZA is always available to provide guidance and coordinate in establishing industries through the EPZ and SEZ,” she said.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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