Special Olympics: Unified sports vital to Tanzanians

UNIFIED sports have been labelled as the most effective tool of promoting inclusive culture between intellectually challenged persons and their normal counterparts.

This was said yesterday by Special Olympics Tanzania (SOT) National Director Charles Rays during the ongoing two-day Awareness and Mobilisation training for District Special Needs Education Officers and Special Olympics Sub-programme coordinators ahead of the start of Play Unified, Learn Unified project set to hit the ground shortly.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) picked Tanzania recently to run the Play Unified, Learn Unified project which aims at encouraging inclusive life between intellectually challenged people and their able bodied colleagues.

“Throughout the world, it has been verified that by doing sports, people with intellectual disabilities can learn fast various things unlike when they are not allowed to engage in any of sports related activities,” he said.

He added that discrimination against intellectually challenged is no longer entertained hence calling on people from different communities to include them in social, economic and political areas.

“When you go back to your respective places, be good ambassadors and teach others that intellectually disabled people can equally do great things provided they have capacity to be recognised and let them participate,” he said.

Moreover, Rays noted that all athletes who compete in Special Olympic games do so freely without incurring any charges on them hence calling it as a unique factor with other competitions.

Furthermore, the SOT boss insisted that more similar seminars should be done regularly countrywide to fast track meeting the goals of the Play Unified, Learn Unified initiative

THE Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB ) said ...

Author: BENJAMIN BEN in Dodoma

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