Private security firms warned of recruiting elders

THE government will deregister security companies recruiting security guards without qualifications, including elderly people and those who did not go to National Service, Home Affairs Minister Kangi Lugola has warned.

The minister said in a statement issued yesterday by Communication Unit of the Home Affairs Ministry that the government was finalising a process to enact a new law that would regulate private security companies.

“The new law will address challenges facing private security companies, including the employment of people joining private security companies,” said Mr Lugola, while addressing a rally in Nansimo Ward, Mwibara Constituency, Bunda District, Mara Region.

He said at the moment the Police Force should ensure security companies recruited only security guards with qualifications, saying the Police Force should also ensure security guards were paid their wages.

“Unscrupulous private security company owners have not been paying their security guards timely. Such security guards may use their weapons to commit crimes, while on duty,” he noted.

Mr Lugola said a good number of private security companies were still recruiting older persons as security guards, saying such security guards, who most of them were retired based on old age, were tired and incapable of being effective guards as they couldn’t even hold a gun well.

“Bandits can easily snatch weapons from elderly private security guards, who use most of their time sleeping, while on duty,” he said.

Mr Lugola stressed that the private security companies should recruit security guards from the reserve army or National Service, noting that only those two organs could produce reliable security guards because of their military training experience.

“Security requires strong people, who are able to run after a suspected thief at anytime, but some companies employ security guards without such qualifications,” he stressed.

Mr Lugola, who is also Mwibara Constituency MP, is on official tour to inspect development projects in his constituency.

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Author: From LUDOVICK KAZOKA in Dodoma

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