Pros go to spice up Mufindi golf challenge

AS one of the efforts to make Mufindi Golf Club among the best golf homes with full of activities, top local professional golfers have been invited to colour this July’s Monthly Mug competition.

The July mug competition is scheduled to tee off on July 27 at the par 72 course. The tournament coordinator Alfred Mdemu told the ‘Daily News’ from Iringa yesterday that preparations for the 18-hole competition that will bring together amateurs and invited professional golfers, is on top gear.

He said that they are happy that several pros include; Frank Mwinuka, Stanley Sanga, David Helela, Richard Mtweve, Rodrick John, Frank Rise, Aidan Nziku and Brayceson Nyenza have confirmed their participation so far.

Mdemu added that Mufindi has already started a campaign to ensure the club leads others through organising best golf activities, for the start, they focus on the monthly mug competitions.

“In order to ensure the club becomes better and better, we have begun a long-term development programme for junior players that imparts them golf skills at a tender age,” he said.

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