Govt set to issue e-title deeds

IN a bid to facilitate service delivery and the legalisation of informal settlements, the government will from next year start issuing electronic title deeds across the country.

Addressing a land sector experts’ working meeting yesterday, Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development William Lukuvi said the government would harmonise all systems of title deeds issuance in the country.

“Members of the public will be able to process applications for title deeds and pay electronically to acquire the title deeds,” said the minister, while opening the working meeting.

The three-day working meeting under the theme “Changes in Land Sector for Our National Development” brings together land officers, regional administration secretaries and council directors from across the country to discuss projected changes in the land sector.

According to Mr Lukuvi, the land sector is set for major transformation following changes in administrative structures, including relocation of land officers from the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government) to his ministry.

“The relocation of land officers to the land ministry aims at improving efficiency in settlements planning and legalisation of informal settlements services. Previously, a beekeeping and forest officer was also responsible for land services in councils,” he said.

Mr Lukuvi noted that plans were underway for the government to bring all land services closer to people by setting up regional offices responsible for land services, saying by next October, members of the public would be able to access all land services in the regional offices instead of zonal offices.

“Presently, Kigoma residents have to travel all the way to Tabora Region to get land services largely legalisation of informal settlements from the Zonal Office,” he said.

Mr Lukuvi also used the occasion to warn land officers against operating land companies, while carrying out official duties, saying such land officers should opt between doing business and serving the country.

For her part, Deputy Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development Angellina Mabula stressed a need for land officers to have customer care, while discharging their duties.

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