Minister dispatches water engineers to region for pilot study

KAGERA residents will soon forget water problems after the Minister for Water and Irrigation, Prof Makame Mbarawa dispatched a new team of engineers to Missenyi, Ngara and Biharamulo Districts, recently to conduct a feasibility study on how to serve the people with clean and safe water.

He said that efforts of the government to ensure that Tanzanians in rural areas get water by 85 per cent and those in urban areas by 90 per cent must be implemented as soon as possible.

The minister made the speech recently while visiting the region and called upon the inaugurated Rural Water Supply Agency (RUWASA) that started its operations in the region on July 1, this year to see into it that they meet the government’s goals.

In assuring the residents that they would get reliable clean and safe water, Prof Mbarawa tasked the Managing Director of Bukoba Urban Water and Sewerage Authority, Mr Allen Marwa to see into it that the mega water project was implemented on time.

While in Missenyi district, the Minister was assured that already the team had collected some water samples from River Kagera at Kyaka centre for analysis and would implement the directive to serve the people as well as Bunazi and Kagera Sugar villagers.

Currently, the area with a population of about 37,350 people and expected to rise requires about 741,000 litres before the demand jumps to 1.3 million litres in the next five years ahead.

However, the Minister felt disappointed by reports that some of the projects had stalled there after contractors assigned them pulled out.

In response, he directed Ngara, Biharamulo, Karagwe and Missenyi areas’ District Executive Directors (DEDs) in to terminate their contractors.

“The government wants to see into it that Tanzanians get better service and essential sectors including health, water and education are improved without compromise,” he pointed out.

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Author: MEDDY MULISA in Bukoba

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