Amendments in Mining Act are friendly, Minister assures investors

THE Minister for Minerals, Doto Biteko has assured investors in the mining sector that recent amendments in the Mining Act are friendly and favour doing business in the country contrary to propaganda being propagated by some people.

In explanation, he rebuffed those who were discouraging investors that the amendments in the legislation were not friendly, instead welcomed them en masse into the country.

The Minister made the remark while meeting a delegation of Ngwena Tanzania Limited Company management who had sought an appointment with him to clarify the amended law.

In response, Mr Biteko said that the misleading information on the amendments were being spread by people with bad intention outside and inside the country, adding that their sole aim was to discourage investors in the mining sector.

“Since the amendments were endorsed by the National Assembly, we have not received any complaint(s) from the public and stakeholders, because they considered the interests of both parties-the government and investors,” he pointed out, adding that there is no any mining company that has shut down its operations, because of the amendments.

He further said that Tanzania needs all investors, hinting that in any case there were bottlenecks on investment; the government was ready to initiate dialogue and look for an immediate solution amicably.

Expounding, he asked the Ngwena Tanzania Limited Company management to share the point with other investors, stressing that the rumours were unfounded and contain no any grain of truth.

WITH only one day to go before tomorrow's ...

Author: KATARE MBASHIRU in Dodoma

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