TPC has capacity to collect over 5bn/- profit annually-chairman

TANZANIA Posts Corporation (TPC) board Chairman, Dr Haruni Kondo has said that his institution has a capacity to collect over 5bn/- profit annually if all workers discharge their duties efficiently.

Speaking here during a sixday training to Directors, Heads of Departments and Regional Managers, Dr Kondo noted that his institution, previously financially strapped, but now well strategized and financially fit was capable of paying State dividends as required.

“In the previous years, the corporation was not doing well because there were several loopholes for embezzlement and phantom supply and use of fuel in our vehicles, but now we have managed to seal all the loopholes and no more financial loss,” he added.

The Chairman queried: “If our internal capital is 50bn/- why can’t we get a profit of over 5per cent of that capital which amounts to 5bn/-?’’

However, he warned employees who were capitalising on self-gains to refrain from the habit, further advising them to unite and collaborate for the best interests of the country.

In a related development, he directed the TPC management to closely monitor all procurement matters, and revenue collection in their jurisdiction, insisting that they should collect all revenues electronically.

In response, a Postmaster General, Hassan Mwang’ombe assured him that their institution, currently was well strategised to bring changes which keep pace with the current technologies.

WITH only one day to go before tomorrow's ...

Author: KATARE MBASHIRU in Dodoma

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