Tanzanians open chamber of commerce in Ireland

TANZANIANS have opened a Chamber of Commerce in Ireland and EU focused on expanding the market for the country products abroad.

Tanzania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director of Diaspora Department, Ambassador Anisa Mbega, said the chamber would open doors for business and investment between the two countries—Tanzania and Ireland.

“It is my thought that Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Ireland will pave the way towards expanding the market for our products abroad…,” Ms Mbega said when representing Tanzania at the chamber opening ceremony in Dublin, Ireland over the weekend.

“We highly welcome investors and business people to come and invest in Tanzania,” Amb Mbega told the Guest of Honour Richard Boyd Barrett Member of Parliament for Dún Laoghaire constituency.

Councillor Jennifer Carroll MacNeill, representing Irish Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation Heather Humphreys said Tanzania has rich natural resources and serves six landlocked countries with its three major ports— Tanga, Mtwara and Dar es Salaam.

“All of this makes Tanzania a better place to invest and trade,” she said. Councillor MacNeill said some Irish companies already working in Tanzania and that the country was well placed, both geographically and in terms of population, to be a good country to do business.

The country’s good governance and economic and political stability are among the reasons for potential Irish investment to Tanzania.

Mr Barrett said the chamber could be a really excellent resource for Irish business looking to expand, seeking advice and local guidance, as well as hopefully providing opportunities for partnership and collaboration.

President of ECOsystems International Mr Pat Kearney said with the recent green surge and the importance of the environment they are discussed among other things the possibility to work in Tanzania.

“The government of Tanzania have been working very hard, changing their laws to facilitate the introduction of ecosystems into Tanzania. They’ve been very, very easy to work with,” Mr Kearney said.

He said the government of Tanzania had “really gone out on a limb” due to the importance of the Paris agreement and other environment-related policies undertaken by the global community.

ECOsystems International is keen to introduce installation of millions of small units on engines throughout the country, which will reduce car emissions by up to 90 per cent by reducing the burn rate.

“We’re now at the final stages of a proposal…Tanzania will be the first country to use the units on this scale and they’ll be one of the leaders in this type of emission reduction,” Mr Kearney said.

The opening ceremony was accompanied by exhibitions of various businesses from different sectors as well as charity organisations and one to one meetings with investors from Ireland, UK, Germany and Holland.

The sectors were tourism, health, aviation, agriculture, ICT, environment, manufacturing, business development, branding and exports and imports.

A DELEGATION of investors from Kuwait company Alrifai ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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