DSE market cap increases marginally

DAR ES SALAAM Stock Market total market capitalisation has increased by 1.1 per cent to close at 18.82tri/- for the week ending last Friday.

According to report issued by Tanzania Securities Limited (TSL) the market cap, that tracks all listed companies, closed the previous week at 18.62tri/-. TSL attributed the market cap increase to share price gain of CRDB Bank that rose from 100/- to 105/-.

“The CRDB counter led the Banking, Finance and Investment Segment” after moving 8,048,763 shares controlling 93.77 per cent of the sector contribution, TSL said in a statement yesterday.

CRDB recorded an 845m/- in turnover being 27.8 per cent of total turnover for the week ended last Friday.

The weekly report showed that domestic market capitalization closed at 9.076tri/- down from 9.078tri/- recorded in the preceding week.

However, the weekly turnover jumped by almost 15 times to 3.02bn/- from 228m/- recorded in the previous week while volume increased to 8,569,908 shares compared to previous week’s 2,003,265 shares.

Market Indices DSEI gained by 1.08 per cent to close the market at 1,909.78 points. On the contrary, TSI lost 0.03 per cent to shut at 3,295.61points. On sectorial indices, Banks, Finance & Investment (BI) lost 0.15 per cent to close at 2,036.87 points.

The Commercial Services (CS) and Industrial and Allied (IA) remained stationary to close the market at 2,238.14 and 4,512.72 points respectively as the preceding week.

DSE plc counter transacted 12,261 shares at a price of 1,100/- while, the remaining portion was taken by NMB which transacted 4,400 shares at a price of 2,000/-.

There were no activities on DCB, MBP, MCB, MKCB, MUCOBA, TICL and YETU counters during the week ending last Friday.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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