Dodoma Investment Guide 2019, ‘worth more than ever before’

DODOMA Region that is home to the nation’s capital city and the Parliament of Tanzania’s investment guide of 2019 is simply a well-articulated agenda, easy to read and rich in its content and revelation.

Surely, the support granted by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF), in preparation of the guide was worthy and well intentioned. However, why am I suggesting that this guide is rich, timely and praiseworthy?

Well, reading from the pages of the guide, one realise that more than ever before, the region has now clearly stipulated that there are a lot of investment options in the new capital.

A range of tools and services to help investors make an informed decision about their investments, something important to help them reach their goals, which simply brings in mind reading roadmap.

What makes it even important is its well-designed information on specific attractive investment conditions for Dodoma, a smart clarification on different priority investment opportunities as related to the rich productive sectors and an honest indication of the facilitation, processes, requirements and incentives for investing in Dodoma.

In my view, this leaves limited or no question that Dodoma is the best target to invest in. Good as it is, all local governments in the region have been looked at, and the availing of the economic growth potentials indicated in all districts of Dodoma is crystal clear.

There is every indication that investing in Dodoma Region promises to be a productive, profitable and prosperous endeavour. I know most investors have for quite a long time questioned about the issue of land.

I am glad and very much impressed by the fact that this matter was not forgotten in the guide.

The leadership under Hon. Mahenge, the Regional Commissioner (RC), for Dodoma was keen to not only clearly illuminate, where available and suitable land for investment in Dodoma Region is, but also made efforts to show how policies, legal, institutional and regulatory considerations, strategies, plans, and programs are in place to see investments flourish in Idodomya!

As a citizen living in Dodoma, the place I have known for over a decade now, I did not know initially making the area conducive for investments. I did not even know my region, has many different sectors and industries in which one can invest in.

To even a more positive note, the guide’s strong admission that here is a newly unfolding investment and business opportunity, coupled with the country’s efforts to implement the industrialisation agenda.

One of the basic requirement and a core secret of business for Tanzania to survive in the 21st Century, should surely encourage investors to consider Dodoma as an appropriate destination for them.

Interestingly, a reading from the guide shows our country top leaders’ countrywide vision for investments was not forgotten. It is simply very much encouraging. You only read that commitment, determination and readiness to move Tanzania into the next stage.

So, notably and by way of example, the President (John Pombe Magufuli), affirms that his government is determined to continue improving the business environment.

In so doing provide a wide range of appropriate incentives and support to unleash creativity of private sector and other stakeholders.

And on a similar tone the Vice-President, Mama Samia Suluhu Hassan asserts, in the context of investing in Tanzania and Dodoma, that industrialisation is relevant not only because of economic reasons but more because it enhances shared prosperity.

Likewise, and for Prime Minister Majaliwa, has called upon the region’s administrations to focus on the provision of conducive business environment necessary to facilitate business operations and flow of investments.

Dodoma has made what our leaders are saying especially in the Dodoma 2019 regional investment guide. In it the region has firmly and positively positioned itself to harness the emerging regional economic and trade opportunities.

From an explanation of Dodoma’s region context, climate, soil and vegetation; its agro-ecological zones (AEZ), its access to resources and the firm leadership, the Dodoma 2019 Investment guide is not only a must read document, but should be regarded as a window for all investors–internal and external. It’s a window which has now been wide and superbly opened. Cheers!

  • The author, Dr Alfred Sebahene, is Ag. Head of Department of Corruption Studies, Lecturer, Researcher, Consultant, Social and Public Life Ethics Analyst at St John’s University of Tanzania, Dodoma.
  • Email address: arsebahene2@ yahoo.co.uk alfredsebahene@gmail.com Mobile: 0767 233 997

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Author: Dr Alfred Sebahene


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