Incubation programme for potential CEOs launched

CHIEF Executive Officers under their umbrella CEOs Roundtable will start incubating potential leaders of organisations to build capacity and increase local content in foreign companies in the country.

The initiative, dubbed ‘Capacity Apprenticeship Programme’ (CAP), also aims at building human capacity for serving the country’s envisaged industrialization at managerial level. According to chairman of the CEOs Roundtable, Mr Sanjay Rughani, who is CEO of the Standard Chartered Bank, Tanzania, the programme will start end of this month.

“In responding to the future of Tanzania’s industrial economy and economic growth, then the gap in human capacity cannot be ignored, the CEOs have established this programme,” Mr Rughani explained.

The programmed is owned by the CEOs themselves to make sure that they nurture talents of Tanzanians who have potential to become future leaders in organizations, most cases the CEOs. More focus will be on priority sectors which link up to the national ambition of economy growth strategies.

Explaining how the oneyear programme will be running, he said it would engage 20 candidates, 15 from private sector and 5 from public sector, who have potentials of becoming leaders.

The candidates would be obtained after the CEOs have identified individuals from their own organizations who have potential of becoming CEOs.

“During the training these candidates will go through vigorous, fast-tracking learning journey with activities and leadership experiences.”

“We have actually partnered with some respectable business schools where the candidates will spend some the time learning from practitioners and academicians,” he said.

Noting that the expectation is that the programme will continue in the coming years to enable more Tanzanians benefit. He encouraged women participation in the programme since it also considers empowering women to become future leaders.

Speaking over factors behind coming up with this programme, Mr Rughani said sometimes last year when the CEOs met and talked about Tanzania’s economic growth they resolved that building human capacity was very important to optimize on the growth.

The top managers found out that there was not enough leadership human capacity, a situation which led to foreign companies in the country hiring foreign people.

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