Same ginger growers get big shot in arm

THE public Services Social Security Fund (PSSSF) has invested about 1.2bn/-in ginger processing for the lucrative markets in the European Union countries, it has been revealed.

The fund has partnered with Mambamyamba Ginger growers’ project in Same District-Kilimanjaro Region to boost production of the crop, the PSSSF Chief Public Relations officer, Ms Eunice Chiume said in during the 43rd Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair.

She said PSSSF share is 40 per cent and that the given amount (1.2bn/-) was for installation of modern machines growers’ factory. Installation activities were expected to be completed in September, but operations would commence in December this year, she said.

“All about partnership is to enable growers’ access the markets.

They used to sell the products in raw-material form to large exporters simply because they lacked the modern technology for processing activities,” sShe said that new machines will process the gingers in slice-form, instead of powder form as it has been demanded in various international markets.

The factory will be able to produce up to 9.8 tonnes per day from the current 1.2 tonnes. No additional jobs are expected after the machines’ installation but there will be an increase in a number of growers from the current 150 to 500, according to Ms Chiume. Questioned on whether the fund planned to invest in Housing Sector projects, Ms Chuime said that it wasn’t yet planned since the Fund was still dealing with the houses it inherited from other Funds.

She said that there were residential renting houses, worth about 76bn/-countrywide with 491 houses available in Dar es Salaam only. Some houses are for only renting while others are for both renting and selling to the Fund members and other individuals.

PSSSF was formed after the merger of the PPF Pension Fund, Public Service Pension Fund (PSPF), Local Authorities Pension Fund (LAPF), and Government Employees Provident Fund (GEPF).

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