Tigo invests 1.0 trillion/- for digital transformation

TIGO has invested almost 1.0tri/- for digital transformation which will provide innovative solutions that will support local social entrepreneurs to transform the society using digital technology.

The mobile telephone operator said in its Digitalisation and the Future of Industrialisation in Tanzania report, presented recently in Dodoma that almost 1.0tri/- has been invested in building a worldclass network.

Tigo Managing Director Simon Karikari said the investment include a state-ofthe- art data tier 3 data centre that guarantees 99.982 per cent availability with less than two hours of downtime per year.

“Tigo’s Tier III data centre is a scarce asset in East Africa with only two comparable facilities currently available in Nairobi,” Mr Karikari told the ‘Daily News’ over the weekend.

The report further showed that by contrast, the fourth industrial revolution is characterised by a trend of automation and data exchange. Thus “ICT is an important driver and is essential for the fourth industrial revolution to be fully realised,” the report, presented at Tigo Business Summit in Dodoma, said.

Digitalisation increases labour productivity by between 45 and 55 per cent in technical professions through automation of knowledge work, it said in the report.

The report further showed that on asset utilisation, digitalisation reduces by 30 to 50 per cent total machine downtime while it cuts down by 20 to 50 per cent the time lost to reach markets.

Furthermore, the report showed that technology increase accuracy on forecasting supply and demand by over 85 per cent while costs of quality check cut to between 10 and 20 per cent.

To enable accelerate attaining semi-industrialised economy, Tigo has laid over 4,000km of fiber optic cables and also has built the only tier 3 data centre in the country.

AccessBank Chief Executive Officer Mr Armando Massimiliano said the lender uses voice, data, E1—for voice and data—and data centre services from Tigo for over ten years.

“We [AccessBank] deem Tigo as a trusted partner for our business activities,” Mr Massimiliano said.

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