Mahiga witnesses Mara, Simiyu’s overwhelmed criminal cases

MINISTER for Constitution and Legal Affairs Dr Augustine Mahiga has said Mara and Simiyu regions have so many criminal cases as well as many people in prisons.

Speaking upon winding up his tour of the two regions, Dr Mahiga who was accompanied by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Mr Biswalo Mganga, said most of the cases are of murder, manslaughter, robbery, drugs and government trophies.

Ambassador Mahiga said he toured the region as a way to comprehend the actual situation on ground and also to solve some challenges in the legal sector in serving justice.

He said that along with the DPP they decided the first leg of their tour starts with Mara, Simiyu, Shinyanga and Mwanza and later such tours will continue in other regions.

He showered praise on DPP Mganga, saying that for a little time he has been in the ministry he learnt a lot from him, on his patriotism to the nation in safeguarding country’s resources that were being plundered.

“For the few days that we have been working together I have learnt a lot from you especially on your patriotism to ensure that country’s resources are not ransacked. I urge you to carry on that way,” said Ambassador Mahiga.

He unveiled that during the tour that started on July 9th, the DPP, exercising his authority, dropped charges on some suspects for different reasons and called upon the suspects whose charges were dropped to be law-abiding citizens and change their bad ways.

The minister said that apart from good job that is being done by the justice institutions, he has noted some flaws, such as corruption scandals, delay in investigations, humiliation of suspects, imposing false cases or changing charges to suspects and delay in judgments of criminal cases, things he said would no longer be entertained in the Fifth Phase Government.

During the tour the minister visited districts prisons in Tarime, Mugumu, Serengeti, Bunda and Bariadi where he talked to inmates who unveiled to him a lot of wrongdoings by officials, and has subsequently ordered investigative organs to work on the suspicions against government officials and take proper actions against them.

The minister also had time to visit and speak with senior officials from the National Prosecution Office, Prisons and the Prevention, Police and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB).

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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