Ward school steals the show

THE National Examination Council of Tanzania (Necta) yesterday released National Alevel examination results, in which, a ward school, Kisimiri Secondary School in Arusha, emerged Number One on the best ten. What’s more, the school’s student, Herman Kamugisha, emerged the second best student in science subjects .

The 20 year-old scored Division 1.3 in the Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) combination in Form Six results released by Necta in Zanzibar yesterday.

It was double joy for the boy who aspires to become an aircraft engineer as his school, the prestigious Kisimiri High School, a government school located on the foothills of Mt Meru, toppled other schools to reclaim its number one spot after fielding 58 Division 1s and just two division twos among its 60 candidates that sat the exam last year.

As he revealed to the ‘Daily News’ yesterday, Herman had not planned for this at all. “My target was not to get higher scores in last year’s national exams; I just wanted to score averagely so that I could join university,” revealed the soft spoken student in a telephone interview from Arusha where he now lives with his uncle.

Herman owes his success to Kisimiri’s academic staff who kept the students on their toes, ensuring that they continuously revised for the national exams. As he put, studying at Kisimiri comes with pressure, considering the fact it has cemented its status as one of the best government schools in the country.

“Our teachers always strived to ensure that Kisimiri remains at the top, they gave us extra studying sessions just to ensure that the school does well in the exams,” said the first born in a family of four.

Asked about his reaction to the news of emerging ‘Tanzania One’, Herman said he was still coming to terms with the reality. He noted that he particularly wants to share the joy with his loving mother, Ms Alphonsina Paul Pius, who now resides in Shinyanga town.

According to Herman, he wouldn’t be rejoicing today had it not been for his mother’s sheer hard work, after his father (name withheld) abandoned them eight years ago. “My mother runs a small shop to put food on the table and pay our schools fees... I want to singularly share this good news with her,” she explained.

He, however, noted that he was not holding any grudges against his estranged father, saying he would be more than happy to share with him the good news as well.

On his part, Kisimiri High School Head Teacher Mr Valentine Tarimo couldn’t hide his excitement over the news, saying the ‘school returned where it belonged’. He told this writer on phone that the Arusha based school was synonymous with the top-most position.

“This has always been our legacy despite the challenges that we face,” he explained. Mr Tarimo also attributed his school’s success to clear strategies of achieving the goal of becoming the best school in the country.

He also singled out the cooperation between the school’s academic staff and students in achieving their goals. The headmaster is confident that the school will maintain its streak in the coming Form Six National Exams to be sat this year. Kisimiri High School, a co-education school offering science and arts subjects, has in the last four years maintained top positions in Form Six national exams.

It was only in 2017 and last year when the fully registered government school emerged third and second, respectively. According to the examination results, the overall pass rate rising from last year’s 97.58 per cent to 98.32 per cent this year, a 0.74 per cent rise. At a press conference held in Zanzibar, Necta Executive Secretary Dr Charles Msonde announced the results, in which Kisimiri secondary school in Arusha topped the top ten best performing schools.

Other schools that made the top ten list included Feza Boys (87 students, Dar es Salaam) AHMES (112 students, Coast Region), Mwandet (77 students, Arusha), Tabora Boys (109 students, Tabora Region), Kibaha (172 students, Coast), Feza Girls (66 students, Dar es Salaam), St Mary’s Mazinde Juu (216 students, Tanga) Canossa (83 students, Dar es Salaam) and Kemebos (33 students, Kagera Region).

60 students sat for the May examinations at Kisimiri, of whom 58 scored division one, while the remaining two obtained division two. According to Dr Msonde, a total of 91,298 candidates were registered for the Form Six examinations this year, whereby male students were 53,350 (equivalent to 58.44 per cent) and 37,948 female 41.56 per cent.

Registered school candidates were 80,216 and private candidates were 11,086. “90,001 candidates equivalent to 98.58 per cent candidates sat for the examination,” he revealed, noting that 1,297 candidates failed to attend the examinations due to a number of reasons, such as illness and absenteeism and that twenty of the absent students with genuine reasons which led to their absenteeism have been allowed to re-sit for the exams next year (2020).

Dr Msonde said that generally all schools performed well in the examinations which took place between May 6th and 23rd. “We are happy with the results. All schools, regardless of positioning, performed well,” he said.

Dr Msonde named ten schools which appeared in list of poor performers as Nyamunga (Mara), Haile se Selassie (Mjini Unguja), Tumekuja (Mjini Unguja), Bumangi (Mara), Buturi (Mara), Mpendae (Mjini Unguja), Eckernforde (Katavi), Nsimbo (dodoma), Mondo (Dodoma) and Kiembesamaki ‘A’ Islamic (Zanzibar).

He named the best students as Faith Nicholous Matee (St Mary’s Mazide Juu), Herman Pauline Kamugisha (Kisimiri), Levina Calist Chami (St Mary Goreti), Benius Eustance (Mzumbe), Augostino Issaya Omari (Ilboru), Satrumin Arbogast Shirima (Temeke), Khalis Hussein Abdalla (Feza Boys), Assad Y Msangi (Feza Boys), Peter Jovenal Riima (Kibaha) and Augustine J Kamba (Feza Boys).

“Faith Nicholous Matee is the overall best female student, while Herman Pauline Kamugisha is the best among boys in science subjects, Victor G Mtui took the overall lead in ‘language and arts’, while the female best student in language and arts’ is Paulina Nelson Lujwangana from St Mary’s Mazinde juu,” Dr Msonde said.

The executive secretary said that 14, including five private candidates who cheated had their exams results nullified, as he thanked head teachers, students, invigilators and examinations officers at regional and district levels for good performance this year.

Meanwhile Dr Msonde also announced teachers examination results for Grade A certificate (GATCE), Grade A special course certificate (GATSCCE), Diploma in secondary Education (DSEE) and Diploma in Technical Education (DTE).

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