Authorities to repossess Chinangali vineyard

IDLE 1,250 acre vineyard of Chinangali, Chamwino District villagers that has been neglected will be taken back by Dodoma Region Authorities in a bid to revive full scale grape farming in the area.

That was made recently by Dodoma Regional Commissioner (RC), Dr Binilith Mahenge, while officially visiting the area, further directing the authorities in Chamwino to write official letters to some 120 farmers, informing them over the plan and the District Council to repossess the vineyard.

About 120 community members were given the vineyard by Chamwino District authorities to cultivate grape for a living in Chinangali.

However being equipped with infrastructure to ease drip irrigation farming, the plot has been left idle and not remitting any revenue to the authority.

“The farmers, who had abandoned the vineyard, should be informed that the District Council will repossess the vineyard and it will now be under the control of the District Council,” pointed the RC.

Equally, he directed Chamwino District Council to develop a strategic plan for the crop cultivation in the idle land, adding that the proposal be submitted to his office soon.

Dr Mahenge said that the plan should outline strategies in place to recover CRDB Bank 2.7bn/- they issued as a loan to Purchase and install irrigation infrastructures in the area as well as meeting other operation costs.

He also ordered that the 120 farmers be included in the strategic plan in the new management of the District Council.

Earlier, Chamwino District Executive Director (DED), Mr Athumani Masasi, informed the RC that the vineyard could generate revenue about 4bn/- a year to them, promising to introduce new management style after its repossession.

“The District Council will be responsible for the management of the new vineyard and repayment of the 2.7bn/- loans after taking it back from the farmers,” he said.

Mr Masasi further said his Council would give priority to the vineyard increase their revenues collection, adding that farmers, who had failed to manage it would not be part of it anymore.

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Author: LUDOVICK KAZOKA in Dodoma

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