Necta notes 0.74 pc rise in Form VI released exams

A-LEVEL examination results were released on Thursday with the pass rate rising by 0.74 percent to 98.32 per cent from last year’s 97.58 per cent.

The national examination council of Tanzania (Necta) Executive Secretary Dr Charles Msonde announced the results in Zanzibar, where KisimiriSecondary school in Arusha topped the top ten list.

Other schools, which made it the top ten include Feza Boys (87 students, Dar) AHMES (112 students, Coast region), Mwandet (77 students, Arusha), Tabora Boys (109 students, Tabora region, Kibaha (172 students, Coast), Feza Girls (66 students, Dar), St Mary’s MazindeJuu (216 students, Tanga) Canossa (83 students, Dar) and Kemebos (33 students, Kagera region).

At Kisimiri,60 students sat for the examinations in May, where 58 of them scored Division One, with the attaining Division Two.

According to Dr Msonde, a total of 91,298 candidates were registered for the Form Six examinations this year, broken down as 53,350 being males (equivalent to 58.44 percent) and 37,948 being females representing 41.56 percent.

Registered school candidates were 80,216 and private candidates were 11,086.

“90,001 candidates equivalent to 98.58 percent of the candidates sat for the examination,” he further said, noting that 1,297 of the candidates failed to attend the examinations due to a number of reasons, such as illness and truancy.

Feza Boys, with 87 candidates, came up in second place after 72 of them scoring Division I and 15 scoring division II.

AHMES held the third place with 99 students scoring Division Iand 13 of them scoring Division II.

NBC Bank commended the efforts ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Zanzibar

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