New system set for NGOs, CSOs

ADMINISTRATORS in the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender and Children have been directed to ensure that registration of civil society Organizations (CSOs), and Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs), are done through the electronic system within two weeks from now.

The directive was given yesterday in Dar es Salaam, by the Deputy Minister, Dr Faustine Ndugulile, during the launch of registration of civil society and non-governmental organisations.

The event involved a meeting of various stakeholders and non-governmental organisations. The deputy minister has also ordered all civil societies and non-governmental organisation to be registered under the ministry within two months.

He said the move is due to the amendment to the law of civil societies and NGOs, Act No 3 of 2019. Previously, the registrations were done by the Registration, Insolvency Trusteeship Agency (RITA), Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA), and Ministry of Home Affairs.

“The aim of this new electronic registration is to evaluate the performance of their organisations and conduct good supervision that will help them reach their goals successfully,” he noted.

According to the deputy minister, the new registration system will be renewed after every ten years. He said the number of NGOs had increased from 404 in 2015 to 9,130 now, and so, the new system will help to easily control and monitor the performance of the NGOs.

Dr Ndugulile further clarified that the government was not banning any civil societies or NGOs, but the move was meant to improve services from them, adding that there will be no new terms and conditions under the new system.

The Permanent Secretary of the National Council for NGOs, Mr Ismail Suleiman, said it was a good move by the government that will help NGOs to operate under one umbrella and enable them to enhance efficiency.

He requested the government to supervise the new electronic system of registration so that it is transparent to avoid bureaucracy.

At the same event, the representative of National Child Help Line (116) CSema, Mr Michael Marwa, stressed that new system would help the government to assess how the NGOs were contributing to national economic growth.

Mr Marwa emphasized that the new system would also help NGO operators to reduce costs and time for the registration compared to the old system which was costly and time consuming.

“Through this new electronic system all procedures of registration will be online; that is good and helpful. I hope the government will supervise this system well to produce achievements to both sides,” he added.

RUKWA Regional Commissioner Mr Joachim Wangabo has directed ...


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