Gas company designs ‘pay as you use’ system in public

IN efforts to make life affordable to all Tanzanians in terms of liquefied petroleum gas use, the KopaGas company has introduced a system of 'pay as you use' where a person can purchase a gas cylinder whose lowest bill is 1,000/-.

Making the revelation at the ongoing 43rd Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair in Dar es Salaam yesterday, the Company's Head of Installation, Mr Max Nassary said company sells various gas utensils, mostly gas cookers, and cylinder s to the public.

The Installation Head said the system also set to control the gas use in homes as one can purchase the volume for only a single meal cook. When the remaining gas volume is 0.5, the smart meter alarms the supplier to purchase another full gas cylinder, said the Head of Installation.

About 1,000 clients in families with low income in Dar es Salaam have already been served with the system, before its countrywide roll out to Zanzibar.

He said that once a customer has bought fully filled cylinder, it would be fixed with what he called as 'LPG Smart Meter' monitored in mobile phones. "We are aware that it is very expensive for people with low income to purchase all the needed gas utensils at a time.

For those in need of a single-cooker plate, one sells at 25,000/- and 50,000 for a-two cooker plate weighing 15kg, but a customer would only part with only 3,000/-to charge it," he said. He said that the company would also be responsible to install new gas equipment to their customers in case of dilapidation of the first set of utensils.

Mr Nassary further noted that his company equally issues cards of 5,000/- package for a customer to start with, adding that “thereafter, the customer would be required to recharge it just as people do to their air-time accounts and recharge.”

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