Govt embarks on soft tech in communication

TANZANIA is working on the possibility of applying soft technology in communication services and stop depending on imported technologies that make communication costs higher than local consumers can afford

. Minister for Works, Transport and Communications Isack Kamwelwe (pictured) said yesterday that his Ministry had already formed a committee of experts that would identify local communication experts capable of developing local technologies.

He was speaking during a media briefing after he opened the East African Communications Organisation Congress, other things, opportunities and challenges experienced in developing quality and cost effective communication in the country. “Tanzania has resolved to go an extra mile by forming a technical team that will identify local ICT technologists.

The team will be tasked to introduce local communication technologies ultimately getting rid of foreign imported ones,” he noted.

According to the minister, communication costs, including internet in Africa and Tanzania in particular, were still high for common consumers to afford and use them effectively to improve their lives.

With rapid transformation in the communications sector, where almost every service is now electronically manned, internet has dominated lives, which call for innovation to ensure it becomes user-friendly,” he said.
Mr Kamwelwe said bodies like East African Communications Organisation (EACO) were crucial for leading changes in realising the dream of Tanzania and the entire East Africa in becoming ICT drivers in all economic aspects.

Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) Director General James Kilaba gave more insights into the plans in store for the country to realise local communications technological innovations by introducing special awards for best ICT players.

“We are planning to introduce from this year special awards for ICT service providers from various aspects in cementing what Minister Kamwelwe has just said and this new arrangement will soon be announced,” said Mr Kilaba.

On communication tariffs and harmonisation of roaming charges, EACO Executive Secretary, Dr Ally Simba, said his office was working hard to ensure that uniform charges were effected in the entire EAC region with nationals enjoying affordable rates.

He explained that eventually roaming charges might drop to $0.10 down from $0.30-0.50 charged by service providers depending on where one was calling from across East Africa.

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