MAGUFULI, KENYATA: Tanzanians, Kenyans are one

TANZANIANS and Kenyans were yesterday asked to ignore hate speeches made by some politicians, who seek political mileage without considering the consequences.

The two Presidents, John Magufuli and his Kenyan counterpart, Uhuru Kenyatta said there would be none to separate the people in the two countries since they were one by nature.

President Magufuli said there were a number of Kenyans working in Tanzania and that many of them were engaging in various businesses in the country. “Statistics show that in 2015 Tanzania exported products worth 483.43bn/- to Kenya and imported over 563bn/-products from Kenya,” he noted.

“I want to tell you that Tanzanians and Kenyans are one, we have been working together for many years. Therefore, there should be none to separate us because of political popularity,” he noted. The Head of State added that Kenyans were engaged in 504 major projects worth $1.7bn, which provided employment to 50,929 people in the country.

He added that in Kenya there were 24 Tanzanian investors, who had invested $185.9m. “I think from these statistics we get a clear picture on how our countries relate. There are Tanzanians, who do business in Kenya and there are Kenyans, who have invested in Tanzania,” said President Magufuli.

On tourism, he said Tanzanian tourists became second in visiting Kenya after those from the US. He said in 2018 at least 222,000 Tanzanian tourists visited Kenya, making the number more than 10 per cent of all tourists, who visited Kenya.

He explained that to ensure continued friendly relationship and business cooperation, the countries had been collaborating in the implementation of various development projects such as the construction of one stop border posts, roads and other major projects.

Referring to recently xenophobic remarks by Starehe Constituency lawmaker Charles Njagua, President Magufuli said he was happy with the way President Kenyatta reacted on the matter. “I would like to congratulate you for the way you reacted and handled the matter, hate speeches are very dangerous for the development of our region.

Some politicians use hate speeches because they think of cheap popularity,” he said.

On June 25, this year, a video went viral, showing the politician making xenophobic remarks against foreigners working and doing business in his country.

The politician was later arrested and arraigned. “Kenyans are everywhere in Tanzania.

There is no way one can stop Kenyans from doing business or relating to Tanzanians. Likewise, there are many Tanzanians in Kenya and this is the kind of the East African Community we want,” stressed President Magufuli.

Earlier, President Kenyatta said he was overwhelmed by the welcome he received from the people of Chato and Tanzania in general. “I am very happy to be among you. I am the first foreign President to come to Chato. I come here most importantly as a brother and friend,” said President Uhuru.

He added: “You can choose your friends, but God chooses your neighbours. I am thankful to the Lord that he gave us a good friend, Tanzania.” He said the recent remarks by the politician in his country must be ignored because they were nonsensical.

“How can you stop a Kenyan from entering Tanzania or a Tanzanian from entering Kenya? There is no way Tanzanians can avoid going, working or doing business in Kenya and this is the East African Community we want,” he stressed.

He added: “When Kenya becomes rich, Tanzania becomes rich too and the vice versa.”

President Kenyatta is in the country on two-day private visit.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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