How TSN shone in media ex cellence awards

THE Media Council of Tanzania has been organising Excellence in Journalism Awards of Tanzania (EJAT), in collaboration with its partners every year for about 10 years now to recognise good works by journalists in Tanzania.

Entries for the awards are received from any journalist in print and electronic media including online platforms of media outlets. Tanzania Standard Newspapers (TSN), Limited which publishes ‘Daily News’, ‘Habari Leo’, and ‘Sport Leo’ newspapers and own and run a fast growing digital platform, won five awards during the EJAT 2018 award giving gala in Dar es Salaam over the weekend.

Below are the winners are brief information about their awards:

Alfred Lasteck

Habari Leo’s, Alfred Lasteck won the award for Taxation and Revenue Collection Reporting category for print media after writing an investigative story about how some traders at a busy Kariakoo area in Dar es Salaam were cheating on the government taxes by tampering with electronic fiscal devises. This is not the first time Alfred Lastec won such an award.

In 2016 before joining Tanzania Standard Newspapers Limited, he won an award on Taxation and Revenue Collection category through his investigative story on how the government loses billions of money through tax evasion in sports. The story was published on Nipashe newspaper.

Rahel Pallangyo

Ms Rahel Palangyo of Habari Leo scooped the Best Photo journalist award with a photo showing soldiers forcibly carrying a soccer fan at Bandari College grounds in Dar es Salaam during street football tournament popularly known as Ndondo cup in June last year.

Adam Lutta

A story reflecting how road accidents affect the health sector earned Adam Lutta of Habari Leo the award for Road safety reporting category for print.

Mr Lutta is a journalist, graphic designer and a cartoonist who has won numerous media awards in and out of Tanzania.

In EJAT 2018, he was announced the best journalist in Road Safety category after writing an article about a special project to deal with effects on road accidents victims where the accidents had significant economic impact through loss of manpower.

The EJAT 2018 award adds to other professional awards he has won which are Reuters News Graphics Award of 1999, Best News Graphics in Spain in 1999. He has also won an award for best cartoon in 2014 and an award for investigative news in 2017.

Meddy Mulisa

Meddy Mulisa, based in Kagera Region, is a TSN veteran journalist with rich experience in writing community, business and tourism news and feature articles.

He won the award for Tourism and Conservation Reporting category for print with his story on how an evaluation of Bugiri National Reserve can attract more tourists. He wrote how the number of tourists could increase if the government could focus on promoting attractions in the reserve.

Sauli Giliard

He is a senior journalist with ‘Daily News’ with experience in writing business and economic news as well as sports, science and technology.

Sauli scooped the award for Sports and Culture category for print through his story on capitation grants in Ifakara Town Council in Kilombero primary schools. Through research, he found out that sports activities were not well funded, resulting into lack of playing facilities at the schools he visited.

He has a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication from the University of Dar es Salaam.

Abdallah Msuya

He is, currently based in Zanzibar, another TSN senior reporter with over 12 years of experience in journalism. He writes news and feature articles in sports, gender, children issues, road safety and politics.

He is also writing business and finance news and has recently taken interest in investigative and data journalism.

He became a second runner-up in Road Safety Category through his article about how drivers of Dar es Salaam to Arusha upcountry buses signal each other to evade road traffic police.

Frank Leonard

Frank is a TSN seasoned journalist based in Iringa and is currently the chairman of Iringa journalists club. He writes more in health and community issues.

He scooped the second runner-up position in Health category awards after writing about how a dispensary in Kilolo District imposed between 50,000/-and 100,000/-to expectant mothers who delayed in attending clinical services.

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