Chinese team rescues two jumbos from muddy water

CHINA Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) recently volunteered to rescue two elephants, which had stuck in muddy water in Itigi, Singida region, a good gesture towards concerted efforts in the protection of wild animals.

Tanzania Wildlife Authority (TAWA) Official Peter Marcely who works with Rungwa Game Reserve confirmed the incident, saying the event occurred on June 22, 2019 at Doroto Village in Itigi Ward.

He said the two elephants found themselves in the ordeal after they moved out of Muhesi Game Reserve, which is now part of the large Rungwa Game Reserve, in search of water in the neighbouring areas.

“It was unfortunate that after the two jumbos reached Doroto Village, eager to quench their thirst, they found themselves in a trench with muddy water…they slipped in and got trapped for two days without food,” said Mr Marcely.

Doroto Village is located 16 kilometres from Muhesi Game Reserve. Given the nature of the task to get the wild animals out of trouble, TAWA officials contacted CCECC engineers who have camped at Karangasi site for rehabilitation of the central railway.

“Because the task of saving the jumbos demanded heavy machineries like excavators, we had no option but to seek help from the Chinese engineers whose camp is located almost 80 kilometres from the scene,” said Mr Marcely.

He however said joint efforts between TAWA experts and the Chinese company’s engineers helped to accomplish the task easily. “It was rather a tricky job but we managed it with support from CCECC engineers.”

The Chinese firm, in a statement, recounted how the task was executed, saying having been contacted by the wildlife authority officials on the incident, they immediately dispatched the team with the excavator.

“The team of experienced technicians with the excavator (backhoes) arrived at site at around 2:30pm.

We made up a rescue plan with assistance from TAWA experts and put it into practice before the elephants finally climbed back to the ground from the muddy water in the evening,” CCECC Project Manager Bai Cunxian said in the statement.

The manager said the plan to rescue the two elephants involved excavating levels of the ground to make it easy for the jumbos to climb out of the water pit.

“Everyone cheered for this successful rescue as well as teamwork between Tanzanians and Chinese on environment and wildlife protection,” said Mr Bai, adding: “It’s a great honour for us to assist TAWA in rescuing the two elephants.

We will continue to protect wildlife, fulfill our social responsibilities and nourish the friendly relationship between China and Tanzania.”

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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