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NEMC to set office at Rufiji’s Stiegler’s Gorge

THE National Environment Management Council (NEMC) is planning to set up a site office at the Stiegler’s Gorge Hydroelectric Dam being built at Rufiji River valley in a bid to ensure that the project is not harmful to environment.

Speaking to journalists during a visit to the project area over the weekend, NEMC Board Chairman, Prof Esnat Chaggu said the presence of environmental experts in the area would be important to provide immediate environmental related services the locals and the project would require from them.

‘’We have visited the large-scale power generation project that is under construction to see how it is being implemented, our goal is to provide services where needed and to make close surveillance is ensured so that the project becomes completed on time without environmental risks,” Prof Chaggu added.

He further said that the project intends to bring great benefits to Tanzanians soon after completion, adding that there is a need to make stepby- step monitor so that its intended objectives are realized without restrictions.

“We have listed experts in this project and we will soon open our offices here. The aim is to ensure that the project becomes environmentally friendly and ensure that human activities here do not bring harm to it,” pointed out the Board Chairman.

Prof Chaggu added that the project would create more than local 8,000 jobs and urged young people to take its advantage and raise their incomes.

On his side, the NEMC’s Director General, Dr Samuel Gwamaka said that to ensure they achieve the government’s goal of creating a middle income and industrialize the country by 2025, NEMC must collaborate with TANESCO to safeguard environment and avoid challenges that may delay construction of crucial projects for the nation to develop.

“As a Council entrusted with environmental management, we have planned to open an office in this project area in order to cooperate with TANESCO to oversee the ongoing construction activities and ensure that no harm is caused to the environment and where necessary provide immediate services where needed,” Dr Gwamaka said.

He further said that the project comes with a lot of potentials not only by providing electricity, but would also make sure that it boosts tourists’ attractions.

After its completion, the project is expected to generate 2,115 megawatts of electricity and accelerate the achievement of industrialisation and middle-income objective by 2025.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Rufiji

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