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TCC honours long serving employees

TANZANIA Cigarette Public Limited Company (TCC Plc) has honoured its 75 long serving employees at a special event that was part of the annual Family Day attended by employees and their families.

Those awarded were employees who have served the company for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years.

Speaking during the event, the Company’s Director, Sam Mandara said TCC Plc is committed in recognizing the efforts and contribution of their employees to the company and added that the Long Service Awards and Family Day was marked in all 15 TCC Plc branches countrywide.

In Dar es Salaam the event brought together over 1600 people. “We are confident and we trust our workers.

We recognize their efforts to the company and we believe that employees and their families are part and parcel of our company’s success,” he said. “We always believe that no success without employees.

We always ensure they undergo regular training in and out of the country in order to reach our goals,” he said.

Commenting on Family Day, he said the committee did a tremendous job this year as the turnout was huge and there were variety of activities including games and other social activities that brought the employees together with their families.

Evad Sanga (59) an electrical technician from Manufacturing Department, who has worked at TCC Plc for 35 years said cooperation, in-service training and a variety of employee benefits provided by TCC Plc are some of the secrets behind his long service.

“I joined TCC in 1984. I have managed to stay all this time because the firm provides excellent employee benefits and the level of cooperation between employees and management is very high” he said.

Sanga said through his employment at TCC Plc, he has managed to travel abroad to countries such as Russia, Italy and United Kingdom for training and this has given him more experience and confidence.

Another employee, George Kimaro, the Trade Marketer from Sales Department who received a long service award for 25 years said honesty, commitment, patience and cooperation have made him to stay at TCC Plc for a quarter century.

“TCC Plc cares for our families and it is difficult to see the difference between the management and lower cadre employees. They care for us. TCC Plc community is regarded as one family,” he said.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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