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Snooker is alien? Go for the best of it at DGC

SNOOKER game might be unpopular sport in the country, but it has game’s big potentials who can raise high Tanzanian flag in international arenas and boosts tourism as well.

Still, despite its unpopularity, it can be easily played by the majority of Tanzanians who play pool since the two sports have striking resemblance.

In one of the drives to make it popular and appeal more players, Dar es Salaam Gymkhana Club (DGC), snooker section has recently launched initiatives that aim to upgrade the standard of the game and its infrastructure.

As well, the club has also renovated playing equipment, including tables, cues and new balls, most of them have been in service for many years.

DGC’s snooker section under the new captain, Sanjay Patadia has recently refurbished snooker room and its playing tables while modernise them to match with the international standards.

The new look of snooker room that was opened by club’s Chairman, Walter Chipeta, has been a contribution of members themselves, the fact which has impressed much the club’s chairman.

Chipeta has lauded the snooker section’s efforts that saw the infrastructure and playing equipment being improved and perfectly installed. He said that snooker section has set a good example for others to follow as what they did is a big credit to the club as well.

Chipeta went on to complement the snooker Captain Patadia and all members for extremely wonderful job that enabled the modernization of the whole snooker section.

The renovation included installation two major snooker tables, new flooring, lighting, waterproofing and paint, new glass windows.

Also new wooden doors and toughened glass aluminum portion, door and new plumbing for the men’s shower were installed with, mixers as prove that with unity everything is possible.

Speaking to the ‘Daily News’ Patadia expressed his joy upon completion of the wonderful initiative that everyone now takes it as a club pride.

He said that the renovation of the room is a step forward towards the increase in number of players who cane develop the game to the higher level.

Patadia said that number of snooker players is still low due to the fact a only a as few members of the club practice snooker, but with this renovation they hope it will encourage many to join the game.

“We want as many players as possible to join us, we have only two tables, but they are not busy as we desire, we invite them to join us if possible to open the door for the expansion of room and add more tables too,” he said.

But in order to achieve the goal said he will need support from other games captains to motivate other sports members to join the indoor game.

Apart from snooker DGC that is biggest East African club has also offers 18 holes golf course, cricket ground, tennis courts, soccer ground, squash courts, darts and mini Olympic swimming pool.

Patadia added that to further promote the game, the club intends to open doors for more major competitions that will DGC as snooker destination for local and foreign players.

“We are aiming for a busy year, we have many tournaments coming on our way, we hope with this new look infrastructure, players will enjoy competing at our club,” he added.

Arjun Lavingia, one of the big professional snooker players, also commended the job being implemented by the section and he labeled it a 100 percent clean innovation done by the committee and its members.

Lavingia said the snooker tables are at a standard that never before seen in Tanzania. “Tanzania is definitely ready to host any international class championship... what we need now is just effective sponsorship for that to happen... if we get good sponsors and with support from the ministry of sports... we can host an African championship in Tanzania,” he added.

Hosting the continental level competition is something that has been in Lavingia mind for long time. Lavingia has competed in various continental level competitions in and outside the country and has been really doing well in most of them.

He is among the top players at the continental standard. He says his dream is to see international players coming to Tanzania as well since the tour will be the best for economic growth too.

Lavingia said bringing international tournaments in Tanzania will encourage more youths to join and take the game seriously. Patadia commended snooker expert from South Africa Daniel Masiteng, who was in charge of the renovation that took him at least two weeks to complete to the perfection. Masiteng worked close with Lavingia who assisted in supervising the refurbishment of snooker tables.

The South African expert, Masiteng urged snooker bodies to keep encouraging g youth to join the sport as the country has potentials who capable to perform well still show at international arenas.

Patadia, however, said the good job could not be possible without a support from his committee which includes the Vice- Captain Atish Chohan, Secretary Ally Gulamali, Treasurer Chagan Modessa, Competition Secretary Harshid Barmeda and the Committee Member Akil Akberali. “We all know and agree that any such a project requires funds.

You will be pleased to know that each and every snooker player and well-wishers, wholeheartedly contributed accordingly to the project, I am extremely indebted.

“We spent all days here supervising the work and ensuring that the quality of work had to be of the highest standards and to make sure the timelines were adhered to,” he noted.

The captain extended his gratitude to Upanga Club for accommodating DGC snooker players during the renovation.

Patadia also extended special thanks to Rupesh Soni, former captain Sheizad Bhanji, Barmeda, Sajaad Salehbhai, Neel, Shekhar and Impex Insurance Brokers, Insignia Coral Paints, Mechanise Cargo systems for their immense contributions.

In an interview with this paper before leaving, Masiteng was grateful to be given this opportunity once again to work in Tanzania.

“It is my second job in Tanzania…the first was at Serengeti National Park Hotel, where I also made some refurbishment,” he said, adding, I find Tanzania very interesting, it is a nice country.

I met some good players here, they have a place in the snooker World too.”


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